Body massages and procedures

To relax the tensed muscles and return relief to the whole body we will massage the back, buttocks, shoulder girdle, neck, chest. Recommended for those complaining of lower back pain or tension in the neck, shoulder girdle.

By its effect, this massage is equivalent to an indirect full-body massage performed through the feet. During it, reflex zones in the feet are affected, which correspond to the body's body systems. The massage aims to improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and stimulate all internal organs. It's like touching a person's totality – his body, emotions and thoughts.

From light to moderate depth massage of the whole body, oriented to your individual desires and needs, during which blood circulation and lymph flow are activated, weaker muscles are toned and more tense ones are relaxed. Classical, deep tissue, trigger points and other massage techniques are applied in order to relax the whole body, eliminate tension, physical and emotional fatigue.

Massage focuses on the prevention and treatment of physical or functional disorders. It may be prescribed by a doctor as a means of treatment or rehabilitation (e.g. scoliosis, recovery from trauma, surgery), or performed for the prevention and health promotion of diseases. In the absence of medical extract, the therapeutic massage specialist will evaluate the appropriateness of the massage and select the massage methodology, taking into account the complaints you have expressed.

Recommended for those who are engaged in regular physical activity, seek to maintain good physical shape and proper condition of soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia). During the massage, the focus is on the muscle groups that dominate the activities or sports you are engaged in. Massage techniques and additional methods applied (muscle energy techniques, mobilization) are selected taking into account goals, such as restoration after heavy physical exertion or trauma, preparation for competitions, injury prevention, etc.

Massage is designed to reduce the signs of cellulite, which most often appear in the buttocks, thighs, abdomen or arms. Massage movements of various tempo and depth activates a lymph flow, metabolism and accelerates fat breakdown, the texture of the skin becomes more smooth. By stimulating the nutrition and blood supply to the tissues, the tonus of the muscles are increased, the skin becomes more elastic and firm.

A full body massage is aimed to reduce lymph stasis, fluid accumulation, swelling of the body and has a detoxifying effect. Shallow, slow, waving massage movements are performed to stimulate the flow of lymph and the removal of toxins from the body. Useful for those with high blood pressure, as well as in the presence of dilated veins or capillaries (without inflammatory processes), as it improves blood flow. The massage has a very calming effect, so it suits perfectly for those who feels physical or mental fatigue. Not recommended for pregnant women and those with extremely low blood pressure.

During the massage, tension in the shoulder, neck, occipital areas is removed and blood circulation in the head is activated. This will allow you to experience a feeling of deep relaxation, relieve headaches, regain lightness of movements and clarity of thoughts.

The exfoliation of the whole body with gentle, dynamic massage movements helps to remove dead skin cells and promotes skin regeneration. Peeling activates blood circulation, the skin is protected from dryness, acquires more moisture and becomes smooth. It is recommended to combine with other procedures, so that the active ingredients of the means applied after to the whole body would be better absorbed. For your choice we will offer several body scrubs of different characteristics.

Mask applications provide skin cells with the necessary substances, revitalize, firm the skin, may have a relaxing, draining, detoxifying or degreasing effect. The active ingredients distributed in the skin nourish the whole body. We will advise and offer to choose from several body masks of different effects. In order the absorption of the mask to be better, it is recommended to have a body scrub beforehand.

This procedure combines massage with a stream of water and odor therapy with oils used in the bath. An aromatic massage bath will warm up, relax and prepare your body for other procedures. You will have the opportunity to choose bath oils of different smells.


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